Dallas: Warning on middle school roof; part-time AD resigns

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Dallas: Warning on middle school roof; part-time AD resigns

DALLAS — The contractor preparing work on the middle school roof warned the Dallas School Board the cost is likely to hit the estimated $2.3 million with “surprises” in store because of the type of material used in the past.

“We are planning for the worst to happen, and I’m being honest with you about that,” Randy Galiotto of Alloy 5 told board members Monday night.

Also on Monday:

• The board accepted the resignation of part-time athletic director Nancy Roberts, with board member Sherri Newell expressing gratitude for Roberts’ “hard work.”

After the meeting, Superintendent Thomas Duffy said the position will be advertised as a part-time position that pays about $7,900. He added Roberts will remain AD until the end of this year and has agreed to help train her replacement, and that she will remain a full-time teacher in the wellness program at the high school.

• The board also heard of corrective actions the special education department is taking following a compliance review by the state, which found 24 items that need correction, many related to language in policies and meeting timing requirements in fulfilling student Individual Education Plans, or IEPs.

Special Education Director Andrea Dennis said the district has until April 26 to file a corrective action plan, and will have a year to complete those actions.

On the plus side, the board learned that construction of the new Intermediate School is only two weeks behind schedule after the winter delays, but that contractors expect to make that loss up. It is currently expected to finish for a post labor day start in the 2019-2020 school year. Duffy said he expects classes will start a few days after Labor Day.

Duffy also confirmed that the final day of classes this year is now June 19, and that graduation is planned for June 14.

• The board appointed Olivia Musto as boys assistant volleyball coach at a pay of $840, with Board Member Patrick Musto abstaining. Olivia is his daughter.

• And the board renewed the contract for food management services with SFE, Southwest Foodservice Excellence.

Middle school roof

Galiotto said the work on the middle school roof is complicated for several reasons, biggest of which is that large parts of it were made of gypsum, not the more traditional rolled roofing stretched over metal. He said an accurate estimate can’t be made until a section near the back of the school is inspected, and that water has been getting trapped between roof layers, meaning repairs will require complete removal of the gypsum.

He also said there are places where metal flashing is required to prevent water from seeping between walls, and that masonry capstones along the front edge of the roof will have to be replaced. He did offer some good news: window work may be less than initially estimated.

Ethan Fick of D’Huy Engineering said the middle school project, begun last April and projected to take 16 months, is behind because of weather but that “we believe the time is recoverable.” He shows picture of the gym with the concrete for the floor already poured, cabinets installed in classrooms, and roofing that is mostly done, meaning weather will have less of an impact on work.

Union agreements

The board also approved several Memorandums of Understanding, agreements with the union for limited changes in contract terms. One changes some language that both sides agreed needed tweaking but made “no substantive changes,” Duffy said after the meeting. Two changed the structure of middle and high school band positions, making the middle school job full-time and more clearly delineating responsibilities of both positions.

Duffy said the full-time high school person had been doing additional duties at the middle school.

Dallas School Board members watch as a contractor points out parts of the Middle School Roof that need attention, work that is expeccted to cost $2.3 million.
https://homeowner-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/web1_20190311_194452.jpgDallas School Board members watch as a contractor points out parts of the Middle School Roof that need attention, work that is expeccted to cost $2.3 million. Mark Guydish | Times Leader
Also: Part-time AD resigns

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