Homeowners Could Get $88,221 For Mortgage Payments & Remodeling

Program giving back to homeowners.

() Homeowners who still have not signed up to the Homeowner's Stimulus should do so as quickly as possible in 2019.

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In the familiar dysfunction happening in Congress, surprisingly a long forgotten Federal stimulus has re-emerged, one that can give millions of middle-class Americans up to $88,221 cash in their pockets from equity. Homeowners have been using the ERRM program to access money for remodeling to increase their home values, pay off student payments or simply replacing a broken down car.

The programs was created by a previous administration and was unfortunately left to expire, but Congress has brought it back. It was probably brought back as the economy is struggling and many families have been struggling with payments generally.

Homeowners are reducing their monthly mortgage bills and getting money for much needed home repairs.

There is no cost & no obligation to see if you qualify.

Important: Even if you've applied for this before and were denied, you should try again now. Rates and qualifications may have changed for 2019.

Make Homeownership Great Again

If your mortgage is less than $750,000, odds are you already qualify for a reduction incentive. How much homeowners are eligible for will depend on a number of factors.

The banks in the meantime are furious about this. Here's why:

  1. The Programs makes it easier to get lower mortgage rates
  2. You have the option to shop other lenders
  3. Homeowners may pay off their house much quicker

You can bet the banks don't like that. They prey on homeowners by keeping you at your current higher rate. This is a chance for middle-class Americans to wrestle a victory from the jaws of the big banks.

Where Do I Start

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